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Now many owners in the office or office decoration, will involve fire problems, and this problem in the present is still more trouble, but also a lot of trouble. A lot of people to step and the fire approval is not very understanding, it is more with everyone in the decoration of the fire approval difficult, so for this condition, today we have eight process as we introduce the decoration fire approval.

The first step is to fill out the declaration form of fire prevention and control for building interior decoration design and the declaration form of fire protection auditing for construction projects in Beijing. Remember that the declaration unit should be the construction unit, not the construction unit. Construction units need to affix their official seals, and produce rental agreements or purchase agreements. If the construction unit to go through fire procedures, can only be said to be agents;

The first step is to fill out the declaration form of fire prevention and control for building interior decoration design and the declaration form of fire protection auditing for construction projects in Beijing. Be sure to declare units should be entrusted units, rather than construction units. Entrusted units need to be stamped with the official seal, and produce rental agreements or purchase agreement. If the construction unit to go through fire procedures, can only be said to be agents;

The second step, the contents of the declaration form is basically the main building materials: such as wall materials, ground materials, materials such as top;

The third step, you need to prepare the decoration of the overall fire acceptance drawings copy (usually in the property management department);

The fourth step, you need to prepare specific construction site plan, electrical drawings, fire renovation map (if not fire facilities, you can note in remarks). The above drawings shall be in the blueprint and shall be stamped with the design qualification (such as the Architectural Design Institute);

The fifth step, the local fire brigade will be on-site inspections within 10 working days, and submit written comments. If the fire brigade agreed, you can start; if the fire brigade does not agree, it is necessary to modify the decoration program;

The sixth step, two weeks before the completion of the decoration, you can submit the "construction project fire acceptance declaration form", the content and the declaration form is basically consistent. General fire brigade will check 2~3 kinds of building

materials to detect, testing costs for each item of about 1000 yuan (most likely to smoke is PVC pipe, carpentry board, curtains, etc.);

The seventh step, testing qualified, the construction unit at least 2 people participate in fire training (Compulsory), training fees at 800 yuan / person (the cost estimates vary slightly);

The eighth step, the fire brigade in the completion of the project to the scene inspections again, will list a number of rectification opinions, to do so, and then issued a fire inspection and approval agreement to the construction unit.

This is our eight steps in the fire approval, through the above introduction, I believe we should now of this information has a certain understanding of it, if you want to know more information, you can consult our.

These are the details of Beijing office decoration fire approval procedures, by the Beijing fire design company stamp to provide, if you doubt what is the Beijing office decoration fire approval procedures of information, please contact the company for further information, more Beijing office decoration fire approval procedures.

We now for the office lighting requirements or stay in the light as long as the era of it? Then you're not professional. A lot of times, the designers of the office for lighting design, are based on comfortable, humane based on, of course, also need to meet the needs of people or technology for lighting.Today's office must meet the needs of the visual environment, and lighting lighting design stresses comfort, humanization is also the trend of the times. How to meet the requirements for the office, Decosen‘s lighting designer and puts forward some suggestions here:

First, the light should be warm. General company atmosphere, need to dominate the light source color, show light texture of color temperature to be presented. As we all know, natural light is the most comfortable, so in the process of office decoration, how to combine artificial lighting and natural lighting is a key point. Excellent designers can maximize the rational use of natural light, not only to meet the owners of the lighting environment comfortable and soft demand, but also to save environmental protection. According to incomplete statistics, the rational use of natural lighting can save more than 30% of the summer electricity consumption.

Second, for lighting decoration, the primary factor of comfort is to eliminate the reflection. Generally speaking, the light source needs to do the shade and its reflection protection, so as to avoid the direct or indirect contact with the bulb or the tube's bright light, and reduce the reflection to the eye's stimulation. The interior surfaces of the room are decorated with less reflective colors. When the light and the tabletop are within 40 degrees, the glare is easy to be generated, so when the light source is arranged, the angle of the light and the tabletop should be greater than 40 degrees. At the same time, in order to avoid the shadow of the hand or the body, the direction of the light source can be changed, and at the same time, the illuminator can be made to be diffused.

Third, comprehensive lighting and work lighting reasonable collocation, illumination uniformity. Brightness is not right, it is easy to cause the exhaustion of the retina. Like the background light is too strong, the computer terminal screen glare, as well as various lighting, lighting design is bad, so that the difficulty of increasing the visibility of the naked eye, the relative work time is doubled. The working environment and visual target contrasting, will cause the eye pupil sphincter contraction frequently, easy tired, so when reading comprehensive lighting and lighting must be used together so as to create a strong contrast.

According to different locations, the brightness ratio of selected light sources is the trend of indoor lighting. For example, conference room lighting should consider the lighting at the top of the conference table as the main lighting, giving the center and concentrated feeling, plus auxiliary lighting around. The general manager's office needs to consider the illumination of the writing desk, the illuminance of the visitor's room and the related auxiliary electrical equipment.

Office space transformation is a large number of small and medium enterprises in the growth of an important problem facing. Space renovation design must be together with the enterprise office of new functional requirements, by making new changes of the working environment, help employees to get rid of the old work experience, attitude and behavior mode transformation, from a new perspective of their business, develop a successful marketing strategy.

With the development of the times, we clearly see the exchange of technology and work to change. The network has changed the definition of office, especially the wide application of wireless network, fixed office hours, fixed office work mode can be anytime and anywhere work can be carried out, while the inherent office space function is also changing.

Decosen's transformation of office space revolves around simple, easy to use and flexible design principles. According to the need of space in different departments of the team, we have to " form obey function " design principle one by one, through the transformation of the design to make the office space demand, function value maximization.

What's the difference between a good office and a bad office?

The difference is: whether there is human taste and taste of life. Bad office gives a cold, good office every seat is like a little home, everyone will go to dress it up and run it.

What are the standards for good office design?

Whether there is a separate space to the staff to rest; second, whether there is enough green plants; third, when the work is soft environment music; fourth, office seats are comfortable.

What are the conditions for an office to give people a "home" feeling?

First, the color is very important, but with reasonable; secondly, the limited space division of the different areas; work, hospitality and rest space, the staff tired when there is a place to rest, drink coffee, chat, and stay in the seat Different; finally, the design to meet the nature of the industry, the office design can reflect the company culture, so that employees have a sense of belonging.

Most of the office is for what reason to transform, where is their problem?

Mostly because the boss looked at the office of others, their company is not satisfied with the office environment, I think their problem is the pressure of rent under the emphasis on the utilization of space, people are full of stuffed.

If you can not make big changes, what advice would you give to such a company?

I would suggest that they spend money on employees, such as the transformation of the office pantry, so that, despite the poor office environment, they can also show the good side to the business to their customers.

What is the difference between China's office culture and Western office culture?

China's office has a system of culture, everything is public, we do not know how to care and management, the West is because the beginning is private, culture and temperament is the representative of the individual taste, everyone can show personality.

Image wall (LOGO wall, logo wall) is to express the company's corporate image, to convey the corporate culture, to show the strength of the enterprise, so that customers impressed the company and enhance the visibility of the enterprise. For example: chain store enterprise image of the wall (logo wall, wall sign) is particularly important.

But some companies for the image of the wall (logo wall, logo wall) is not very particular or design is not in place that will allow customers to produce misunderstanding, distrust, for the chain of professional degree of doubt. The image of the wall (logo, Wall Sign Wall) design should have a unified standard, no matter how much you have a chain store, your image of the wall (logo wall, mark wall) are not changed, including the counter and the color is so, in order to form an overall corporate image. In determining this set of systems is a long process, only after repeated thinking and argumentation can we plan such a system. Science change rapidly in a modern information society rapid expansion, the increasing homogenization of products, consumers are more mature, more and more on product quality, reputation, brand and culture value pursuit, the audience facing huge, complex information, become confused. The image of an enterprise needs to be unified and centralized than ever before, so the identification of individual identity is more important than ever.

VI (visual image recognition) as an important part of CIS, is the external expression of enterprise philosophy, is the static identification of CI. VI is a system of ideas that convey enterprise abstractions in an appropriately unified visual language. To strengthen the communication and appeal of enterprise concept in the process of communication is the carrier of lasting and stable development of corporate image and brand image. It makes the image of the enterprise highly unified, so that enterprises can make full use of visual communication resources to achieve the most ideal brand communication effect. The corporate image wall (logo wall, logo wall) is an indispensable part of enterprise VI. What kind of enterprise image is presented to customers, and the image wall (logo wall and logo wall) plays a very important role. When a customer enters the company, his knowledge of the company begins with the corporate image, the wall, and the corporate environment. Whether large enterprises or small businesses, state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, they need to have a good image in front of customers.

Good image is generated by the customer's visual experience, and common factors influencing customer visual perception: the enterprise logo (or VI), the image of the wall (or logo, front wall), the website of the enterprise. Among them, the image wall is the most important visual factor that affects people's first sense. Many customers do not pay much attention to the company's "face" problem at first. They don't do "image wall" ("logo wall", "Sign Wall"), and even do not have a small brand. They are willing to spend money on advertising. Indeed, there are many telephone consultants, and many customers come to the company. However, there are few successful signing. Later, after analysis, not the product and service problems, but the company image, affecting the customer's recognition of us. So he began to pay attention to the company's image problems: designing new image walls, walls, hanging pictures, and staff uniforms...... As a result, the company's performance quickly increased. Visible "face" is not a trivial problem. The image of a company is like a person's face". Many businessmen, whether rich or poor, usually have a good business suit. This is because clothes represent people's image. In formal occasions, clothes save a lot of "face"". Similarly, the company has a good image wall (logo wall, logo wall), so that the company is very formal, and gives a very credible feeling. With this feeling, it lays a good foundation for the following cooperation.

A good office environment promotes the image of the company and its employees, and it also entertains the feelings of the host and the guest, and it also inevitably wins certain business opportunities for the enterprise. So, what should the office pay attention to before decorating? Since you don't know, you'd better look at it with the office decoration.

Office decoration before the need to pay attention to a lot of things, the preparation of the decoration must be the entire layout, design, construction period and other factors are taken into account.

1.  before the office decoration, should consider good fire engineering. Office decoration needs more or less to make some changes, or partition, and if these work to the owners or decoration company, it will take some time to approve.

2.  installation of central air conditioning before office decoration. Need to install the repair partition to divide the space office decoration, if you want to install partition if they would take into account each space must retain the central air-conditioning air outlet and the air return a certain number, so you need to find a professional air conditioning installation company, decoration must be air conditioning reform plan to the property company for review. Completed to provide Completion drawing.

3.  consider the strong and weak electrical system engineering before the office decoration. This is the most important point, related to the company's future work can be normal. Wiring, actual measurement, reserved switches, sockets, routes, detailed planning to drawings, must be strictly in accordance with the standards of construction after the audit.

4.  decoration should take into account the choice of office furniture. Office furniture in front of the office renovation to find a good furniture company, because most office needs office high partition, many lines, the socket should be connected with the partition, so the furniture company must have a close connection with the electrical engineer, drawing the best from the two parties jointly determined after get property audit they, through the audit will be able to secure the start. And avoid a lot of trouble.

In modern office design, open office decoration design is becoming more and more common. The open office is called the enterprise employees in a not fully closed partition area office, with the development of the times, style and design style of open office are constantly innovation and improvement, which makes the open office design is becoming more and more popular. So what are the advantages of open office design that make it the first choice for modern office design?

1.promoting competition and new learning programs

If the office design uses closed office space, staff can go to lazy or spend time doing personal things, this behavior is on the production efficiency of the enterprise are not allowed to raise a lot of obstacles, if open office space used in the design process, colleagues can supervise each other, competition. The competition, which will lead to the enterprise production efficiency is greatly improved, because he works in an open space inside, you can see my colleagues do can also know colleagues work, it can learn new skills mutual encourage my colleagues, colleagues from time to time between the competition.

2. allowing flexible use of office space

Layout space saving is a good idea in the office decoration design, can let employees use open office space can be flexible, whether it is the company of new staff or office staff to leave, can change the arrangement of the staff positions.

3. make employees no sense of loneliness

The closure of the office space in the design office, staff are basically independent. However, this makes him feel lonely, makes him feel like being grounded, ideas can not be opened, it is difficult to improve the working enthusiasm. The use of open office space in office decoration enables employees to communicate well, promote team spirit, and enable employees to have a sense of belonging. They can also brainstorm and work together to solve problems.

4. Better communication between colleagues

Office space has great role in promoting the exchange between colleagues, no walls and doors, a relaxed environment to promote the interaction between the members of the team, every employee know around the role of employees, know more about each other's work, will increase the friendship team spirit.

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