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We always take the customer's demand-oriented, adhere to the "form obey function " core design principles.

On the basis of the function,with different artistic ideas and the actual space conditions and brand image integration, 

to achieve the aesthetic balance of the space environment.

AirPhoto has the experience of environmental design and business environment design and exploration of new materials technology experience,

the ability to provide a unique solution for each customer; we use clever design to reduce the project cost,

Improve the quality of space with superb craftsmanship. So that the value of each project to maximize the space.

China Communications Construction Office Sign Design

Location:Financial Street YZY

Client:China Communications Construction

Completion: December 2016

Type:Finance & Investments


China Communications Construction Company Limited (“CCCC” or the “Company”) is a large infrastructure provider, mainly engaged in the investment of traffic infrastructure construction and operation, equipment manufacturing, real estate and the city's comprehensive development, investment and financing, to provide advice for customers planning, design and construction, operation management and integrated service package solution.

Beijing Engineering Testing & Inspection Company Ltd.of CCCC THEC belongs to the China Communications Construction Company Limited of CCCC THEC.

We according to the overall effect of the decoration of the office, with the indication signs and environmental design to enhance the design details of the office, both to meet each layer of office building use function but also increase the office space decoration function.

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