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We always take the customer's demand-oriented, adhere to the "form obey function " core design principles.

On the basis of the function,with different artistic ideas and the actual space conditions and brand image integration, 

to achieve the aesthetic balance of the space environment.

AirPhoto has the experience of environmental design and business environment design and exploration of new materials technology experience,

the ability to provide a unique solution for each customer; we use clever design to reduce the project cost,

Improve the quality of space with superb craftsmanship. So that the value of each project to maximize the space.

Union Media Group (UMG) Office Design

Location:Sino-Ocean International Center

Client:Union Media Group (UMG)

Completion:April 2016

Type:Film & Media

Size:2750 ㎡

UMG Media (Union Media Group) is committed to providing large and medium-sized enterprises in China and even global scope, depth, effective discovery and dissemination of enterprise value.

UMG Media (Union Media Group) was founded in 1999, after ten years of innovative development, has grown into China's largest enterprise information dissemination platform. After ten years of development, UMG network media has created China's largest cross media communication platform.

We refine the design elements from the UMG company logo and VI system, combined with the construction condition of the space, with white tone, mellow and smooth style, with simple fashion, free and comfortable visual experience to present UMG network media have a unique style of high-end office environment.

Union Media Group Office DesignUnion Media Group Office DesignUnion Media Group Office Design
  • Union Media Group Office Design
  • Union Media Group Office Design
  • Union Media Group Office Design

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